Chenille Blankets

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Chunky Knit Chenille Weighted Blanket & Throws

They say you never forget your first love, and that’s true for starlight chenille blankets—because once you’ve used one, you will never forget the comfort of a chenille blanket. The brush-like nature of the material creates a dreamy feeling as it engulfs your individual fibers with tightly tied clusters of stars to give a unique texture that helps you feel like you’re home again.

The Starlight chenille weighted blankets are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Their unique and patented design incorporates a chenille fabric outer shell, which offers the plush softness of a blanket and the durability of a chenille bedspread. The blankets are lightweight and easy to care for, making them ideal for travel or whenever you’re in need of additional space.

Different Colors and Sizes

Start each night right with Starlight Chenille Blankets. The soft comfort of a gentle night’s sleep starts here. Available in classic colors and multiple sizes perfect for your bed or favorite chair. The throws are also easy to carry while traveling.

Does Not Overheat

It’s time to throw away your blankets and get a great night’s sleep! At last, you can stay warm without overheating. Our Starlight Blanket is made of the finest materials. It reflects heat like a star so you can stay warm without getting hot and sweaty. The Starlight Blanket will keep you warm when it’s cool and also cool when it’s warm. You can wrap yourself with one blanket in both summer and winter. Never overheat again. Also check out our extensive collection of weighted blankets available in different colors