Weighted Blankets

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Weight Blankets

Weighted Blankets have only recently entered the market, but they are quickly rising in popularity because of their incredible effectiveness. While they are still a bit of a mystery to a lot of people it is finally time that you get to know all about these blankets, how they work, and just what the benefits are.

Turn down at night in cool rooms with the aid of a weighted blanket. One can weigh between fifteen and twenty pounds and cover their entire body to enter deep sleep. These blankets are scientifically proven to create sounder sleep. Studies have also revealed that weighted blankets are great for anxiety, stress, and other sleep troubles. In fact, they are used in hospitals to calm or even mute the manic behavior of some children with autism.

Starlight Blankets are the number-one weighted blankets offered as an alternative therapy. The added weight aids in reducing anxiety, calming the nervous system, sleeping better, and relaxing muscles. The benefits of this blanket have been proven. Individuals who struggle with autism, depression, trauma, night terrors, and insomnia have all benefited from using it. Also, check out our premium collection of comforters available in various designs.